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We want to make sure that your website is totally optimized and on page one of Google. If you want to see frequent growth in organic traffic and increase visibility for your business online, then you should sign up for one of our free SEO consultations. We’ll help you drive customers to your website and increase conversions.

We’re based in Toronto, the home of a brand new Google headquarters. Working closely with Google’s search tools, we’ll do our best to help you get on page one in a matter of weeks.

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Our Services

Super Charge Your Website with On-Page Optimization

Does your website look funny when you search for it with Google? We can fix that. We can optimize the pages on your website so that you get the results you wan. Present yourself to your customers the way you want to be seen.

Supercharge Your Website with On-Page Optimization by Okay Company

Build Your Backlinks with Back Link Builder by Okay Company

Get To Page One With Back Link Builder

Is your website near the bottom of page one, or even somewhere on page two, three or four? We’ll build white-hat back links to your website for you so all you have to do is sit back and watch your website climb to the top.

Score New Customers & Grab Your Spot in Search Engines with Content Writing

Does your website need blog posts? Do you want to revamp your product or services’ descriptions? Let us write your technical content. We have years of industry experience in writing content based on proven sales methods and keyword research tools.

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Get Keyphrase Developed, Responsive Landing Pages Made Specifically for Your Business by Okay Company

Capture Your Competition’s Market with Keyphrase & Query Developed Landing Pages

No matter what industry you’re in, we’ll do the research and design competitive landing pages that drive your competition’s organic search traffic to your business. We’ll also capture key phrases and niche search queries that they’ve missed, making your business the number one spot.